Magickal Astrology

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Title Magickal Astrology
Sub Title Use the power of the planets to create an enchanted life
Author Alexander, Skye
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 224
Status Active
Year 2019

Popular author Skye Alexander shows you how to use astrology to discover your place in the universe and reconnect with the magickal forces around you. Her book is accessible, fun, and chock-full of ideas and inspiration for bringing the true ?star? power into rituals, celebrations, and everyday life.Magickal Astrology shows you how to use cosmic forces to enhance your personal growth and magickal work. In addition to providing a historic overview of astrology?s impact on architecture, the body, music, and language, the book includes a thorough explanation of how to assess your birth chart and information on working with planetary cycles, lunar energies, eclipses, and more.