Good Tarot Deck

ISBN 9781401949501
Item Details
Title Good Tarot Deck
Sub Title A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook
Author Baron-Reid, Colette
Binding Format Tarot Deck
Weight 0.0 gm
Status Active
Year 2017

The Good Tarot has a psychic architecture thatâ??s more simple and modern, rooted in contemporary positive psychology and aimed at the expression of the highest good for all. The 78 cards in the deck are read as archetypal aspects of the human experience that we may encounter within ourselves, with others, or in the world. The suits in The Good Tarot are the four elements, with Air standing in for the traditional Swords, Water replacing Cups, Earth for Pentacles, and for Wands, Fire. A crucial difference from traditional decks is that the cardsâ?? messages are all written as positive affirmations in the present tense, rather than forecasts, instructions, or warnings. Those who use the cards in the suggested way can integrate their energy immediately and personally. Even so, traditional tarot enthusiasts can still apply their favourite spreads to this deck as its formation doesnâ??t stray too far from what is already familiar, and the breathtaking original artwork will be sure to inspire.