Om Baby Child of the Universe

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Title Om Baby Child of the Universe
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Author Horsfield, Schamet
Binding Format Hardback
Weight 340 gm
Pages 40
Status Active
Year 2010

Om Baby, Child of the Universe is a beautiful introduction to the character Om Baby, which is a new paradigm superhero for the planet, for love, and for global peace. Children and adults alike will love Om Baby's bright colors, imaginative characters, peaceful settings, and the feelings the book evokes within them. Om Baby reminds us of the most important things in life: truth, love, friendship, family, community, and the potential for greatness within us all. Om Baby, Child of the Universe is a 8.5 by 8.5 hardcover picture book with beautifully printed end pages. The contents of Om Baby are printed with soy inks on paper from responsibly managed forests and contain 25% post-consumer recycled fiber. A tree is planted for each Om Baby book sold.From 4 to 8 years.