Color Your Life with Crystals

ISBN 9781844096053
Item Details
Title Color Your Life with Crystals
Sub Title Your First Guide to Crystals, Colors and Chakras
Author Lembo, Margaret Ann
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 227.0 gm
Pages 112
Status Active
Year 2013

This book addresses young readers between 7 and 14 years of age. It is child-friendly and accessible, featuring an index of vocabulary used in the book and a phonic pronunciation alongside each of the crystal names. The book begins by introducing the young reader to some basics like positive thinking, the power of colors, picking the right crystals and an introduction to gemology. From there the book is divided into seven sections, each standing for one of the seven chakras. The importance of the designated chakra is explained, and then the reader is led through visualization to somatically experience the energy of the chakra. A key focus of each section relates to maintaining balance in the chakra, and how an imbalance might affect the life and feelings of the reader. Practical advice is given in terms of which crystals would be helpful to regain balance. A photograph, and a short text describing the crystal's appearance and its exact energy quality illustrate each crystal. The author gives concrete examples of life situations where the crystal could be helpful, and offers a positive thought affirmation to encourage the reader to be proactive in their self-evaluation.Activity blocks to motivate the young reader to put things into practice immediately punctuate the book. These blocks include visualization exercises, and free space to write down experiences, reflections and results.Key to this book is the Life Challenges Easy Reference Chart where lots of common problems and life situations experienced by young people are addressed with corresponding crystals.