Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners

ISBN 9780738723297
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Title Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners
Sub Title Your Fortune in a Teacup
Author Dow, Caroline
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 312
Status Active
Year 2011

More people than ever are discovering the restorative benefits of tea and the life-enriching divinatory practice of tea-leaf reading. In answer to the surging popularity of this healthful and mystical beverage, Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners teaches readers how to read and interpret tea-leaves in six simple steps. This complete guidebook explores the origins of tea and tea-leaf reading, ways of giving readings, divination ethics, tea's medicinal uses, herbal infusion preparation, and how to host a tea party. For quick and easy interpretation, hundreds of symbols and their meanings are included, organized by themeĆ¢??animals, sun signs, plants, shapes, and many others.